Where can I purchase SILVA furniture?

SILVA Furniture is currently available through fine independent specialty stores across US. For retailers located in US please visit our "FIND A LOCAL STORE” section.

How can I get pricing and delivery information?

Please contact or visit your closest SILVA retailer for pricing and delivery information.

Where can I purchaser my SILVA Furniture set?

SILVA Furniture is available at fine independently owned juvenile stores. For customers located 150 miles away or more from any of our current US retailers we offer the direct purchase option. Certain services availability may vary based on location. Please email us at contact@silvafurniture.com for more details.

What is the proper way to clean and maintain the quality of the furniture?

Please visit our "Furniture Care" section and download the complete guide with instructions and general tips on how to best maintain the furniture’s initial quality.

What happens if a product or finish is discontinued?

Certain styles or products may be discontinued due to reasons pertaining to changes in our manufacturing process or customer demand changes. It is highly recommended that your register your SILVA Furniture purchase on our website and sign up for updates. We generally provide a reasonable advanced notice of product discontinuation to help you make the best decision for your furniture needs.

What do I have to do if I need service assistance or if I am experiencing a problem with the furniture?

Contact your local retailer from whom you purchased SILVA Furniture. They should be able to provide you with technical assistance or guide you in the right direction. For minor scratches SILVA gladly provides customers with a complementary touch-up pen.

Does SILVA Furniture comes with warranty?

Yes, SILVA Furniture comes with a standard 1 year limited warranty for wood assemble and hardware parts. Some items or hardware may come with additional extended warranty from their original manufacturer. Exclusions or limitations may apply.

How can I best see what the actual finish looks like?

The best way to see how the finish looks is to visit one of our specialty retailers who have in store floor models as well as a complete finish chart. Due to graphic or print limitations actual finish may slightly vary from the color swatches show on our website or brochures.

How do the measurements listed for each item should be interpreted?

All furniture measurements are recorded at the widest/highest point. Cribs inside dimensions are compliant with all US requirements therefore they will accommodate any standard size crib mattress.

Does SILVA Furniture contain any harmful chemicals or toxic emanations?

All our furniture is made of solid wood, organic glues and all natural ingredients. Our finishes are water-based and free of Lead, VOC, Formaldehyde or any other toxic emanations.