Furniture Care
Environmental conditions
Trees naturally retain a large volume of water in the growing process therefore, at the time it is harvested, wood can contain more than 50% water. Before the timber is used in the manufacturing process, it undergoes rigorous processing that consists in alternative drying and steaming techniques so that the moisture content is brought down to 6-8%, which makes it perfect for all mechanical and technological transformations.

After the furniture manufacturing process has been completed, the wood will still be vulnerable to humidity and temperature conditions, because it is a porous material that responds to the environment therefore, if placed in a room with high humidity it will absorb water and expand or if the humidity is very low it will eliminate, dry out and shrink.

For maintaining the original look and functionality of the furniture, it is recommended that the room humidity conditions be controlled. Exposure to extreme variations of temperature conditions will damage any fine wood product, so Silva Furniture recommends that the room temperature be controlled in between 65 and 75 degreed Fahrenheit and a relative humidity of 35 – 40 %. Any wood furniture exposed to temperature and humidity conditions outside the above mentioned limits will expand and shrink, processed which may develop small cracks and lines in the finish, which are not considered material, structural or manufacturing related defects.

General care tips
In general, furniture should not be placed in front or too close to air-conditioning outlets, fire places, heaters or humidifiers. Direct sunlight and ultraviolet rays will fade colors, affect the luster, smoothness of the finish and in most cases cause “hair” line cracks in the finish. White finishes will yellow naturally over time and exposure to direct sunlight will accelerate this natural process. Please note that all wood essences are darkening over the time along with the natural aging process and this is not considered to be a quality defect. Do not place items too hot or too cold on furniture and do not use any oil based cleaning products as they will leave a residue on the finish. Immediately wipe off any accidentally spilled liquid.

Allow all surfaces to get ventilated by rotating or change the position of the accessories placed directly onto the furniture (such as lamps, diaper baskets or changing pads)
Keep the furniture leveled so that doors and drawers can open freely.

If you need to put your furniture in storage for any period of time, avoid placing it in damp basements or hot attics. Air flow around and under the furniture should be allowed, so do not place them too close to walls, do not stack anything on it and do not cover it entirely.

Regular furniture cleaning products are not recommended for water-based finishes. Use a damp cloth for cleaning Silva products, immediately followed by wiping with a dry cloth. Do not allow water to stay too much in contact with the finish as it will damage it.