Handcrafted for the Safety and Health of Your Child

When you’re purchasing anything for your infant, toddler or child, you want to know it will be safe and healthy, and that it will offer long-term value. At Silva Furniture, we are parents, too. We understand children safety therefore we had designed and engineered all our baby and kids furniture for maximum safety and comfort, and to provide moms and dads with design and construction that provide value for their lives and their families.

Silva Dressers and Case Units—Made with the Safety of Your Child in Mind

Our children’s dressers, chests, nightstands and hutches are engineered with old fashion good materials transformed with new and most advanced technologies designed to keep children safe and healthy. We call it traditionally innovative:

  • Structural elements are made of Beechwood, a fine hardwood essence known for its beauty, hardness, environmental tolerance and longevity
  • The taut beechwood grain ensures a smooth finish and makes it easy to soften edges or add elaborate architectural details
  • All dressers and chests are standardly equipped with multi-surface wall-anchoring hardware
  • German-made drawer hardware systems features a hydraulic “soft-closing” mechanism, guaranteed to protect little fingers for over 70 years (or 80,000 cycles)
  • English dovetail joinery for all drawers, offering strength, durability and aesthetic appeal
  • Anti-detachment systems for drawer boxes with trigger latch release feature
  • Dual-height adjustment dials which allow individual drawer alignment correction from Day 1 to Year 70 and beyond
  • Organic water-based or vegetable-based finishes, entirely free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), such as lead and formaldehyde, Lead or harmful phthalates

Simple Elegance Designed and Engineered for Durability and Value

Our dressers and case units are also crafted to last a lifetime. Silva is designed to be grow along with your child and be in your family for a lifetime. The materials we chose, and the design features we incorporate mean you will use this furniture from the birth of your child through the teenage years and beyond. Silva is designed for the long and exciting life journey:

  • Handcrafted in Europe, using hardwood obtained only from sustainable sources in strict compliance with the Forest Stewardship Council & the European Treaty for Forest Conservation
  • All materials and finishes and hardware used in our furniture are exclusively manufactured in Europe
  • Solid beechwood construction that provides long-term resistance to changes in humidity and temperature. All our dressers are finished on the inside as well
  • Our German manufactured drawer hardware is guaranteed for a minimum of 80,000 uses—an estimated 70 years of longevity. Das gut Technologie!
  • Solid wood corner brackets that minimize the impact of temperature or humidity fluctuations, ensuring the long-term durability of each unit

We Provide Peace of Mind for Parents

When you purchase a dresser, hutch, chest or nightstand from Silva Furniture, you’ll have the confidence that we’ve made the safety and well-being of your child our top priority. Quality is a Journey and we hope to help you enjoy the durability and long-term value our products provide. To learn more, call us today at 833-854-7587 or send us a message through our convenient contact form. We ship our furniture throughout the United States.


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