Each of our fine furniture collections is offered in three finish options which are either water-based or  vegetable oil based. All our finishes have organic ingredients, zero VOCs, zero hard-to-spell chemicals. You may be disappointed not find any Lead or phthalates, but we left those out as well!

Water-based finishes, as the name suggests, are mostly water and a pigment also called color agent which is extracted from various plants. There is a multi-layer application process where the furniture receives the several coats of stain with fine sanding between layers, and then a final clear coating to seal up the surface, and prepare it for the long journey.

Oil-based finishes are made with organic vegetable oils, mostly rapeseed, and the pigment, also organic. The application process is similar to the water-based finishes, 2 stain layers with fine sanding between them, and in the end, a beeswax solution is applied to seal the finish. Oil-based finishes maintain the natural beauty and texture of the wood, so when you’re wiping your brand new oil-finished furniture for the first time, you may notice some color residue on the rag. No worries, the furniture is sealed and once it completes the acclimation process, there is no excess pigment on the cleaning cloth. 

Silva Furniture is tested and certified periodically by Consumer Product Safety Commission authorized laboratories. We use only healthy and safe ingredients for a natural and non-toxic nursery and all our cribs are made of solid hardwood.


If you are just starting your nursery design project, know that your Silva finish samples are FREE: Order these samples from our website, then bring them back to your local Silva Retailer or use coupon code printed on the sample when checking out on our website to redeem your credit. Nursery design made easy!


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