For Nature's most precious Treasure


Passion and Knowledge, Enthusiasm and Purpose, these are all essential ingredients which are not listed on the product specification page. We use these ingredients in abundance.


Born in 1991 in Transylvania (Romania), Silva Furniture continues a family tradition which spans over three generations and six decades. "Family" tradition also means that we treat all our employees, and customers like our kinfolk, and together we give purpose and shape and functionality to outstanding materials. Baby furniture is our passion and and our furniture is designed and manufactured it with our own families in mind.

Quality is a Journey


You wood be happy to learn that all Silva cribs are made of Beechwood, one of the finest hardwood essences which is sustainably harvested in accordance with all FSC guidance. We plant 5 saplings for each Beech tree harvested at maturity so that we we preserve and protect our beautiful planet.


The nursery is not just another room in the house, it's the command center for the most amazing Journey. Silva is not just furniture either; it is the first home of the most important people in your life whose small feel will leave huge prints on your heart. Sophisticated and functional, Silva is designed to add value to your family, from baby to teenage years And when your child packs heads to college, your furniture have left behind only the amazing memories, none of those hard-to-spell chemicals.

"Best furniture in the house now, it looks and feels amazing. I was thrilled to rediscover furniture that actually smells like wood"

— Brittainy H.