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Your family is about to grow—congratulations! The anticipation and birth of a child is an exciting and potentially scary time. You want to do the right things, but you’ve never done this before. No problem! As you may already have discovered, the world is full of people more than willing to give you advice about how to raise your child. Maybe you’ve already received a few links to some “Top Ten” lists—“What to Look for in a Crib,” “How to Raise a Child Genius,” or “How to Help Your Kid Become the Next LeBron.” Some of it may actually be helpful, but, when you dig below the surface, you quickly discover that most of the so-called “experts” are self-proclaimed, and they usually have something to sell you. They’ll assure you that you can get a crib that meets all your needs and keeps your child safe for less than the cost of an oil change. Believe us…they will!

Here’s the reality...since the turn of the century, manufacturers have pulled more than 1.3 million cribs from the market because of safety concerns. In fact, the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the federal agency tasked with protecting the public from unsafe items, completely rewrote the guidelines for the design and manufacture of cribs in 2011, and strongly urged parents not to purchase cribs that did not meet the new standards.

Among the concerns cited in the many crib recalls over the past two decades were:

  • Crib designs that posed serious risk of suffocation because of unsafe gaps between the side of the crib and the mattress
  • Cribs with inadequate or improper bracing or support for the mattress, causing it to fall
  • Spindle spacing that could lead a child to get stuck or fall out of the crib
  • Poorly secured spindles that could be displaced by children
  • Paint or other finishes containing toxic substances on surfaces that children might lick or chew
  • Small objects that could come off and be swallowed by children
  • Paint or other finishes that chip and can be swallowed

Have the recalls and the new regulations kept unsafe cribs off the market? Hardly…there are still many manufacturers more interested in your money than your child’s safety, willing to chalk down injuries to infants as “a cost of doing business.”

Furniture, the Right way! At Silva Furniture, we are parents, too, and we understand the stress parents can feel because of the costs of raising a child. But we have always believed that the safety of your child is our most important concern. Though our furniture might cost a little more upfront, we’ve consciously designed and crafted it to last, and to adapt as your child grows, so that it adds value over the years.

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At Silva Furniture, we don’t just pay lip service to safety concerns. Your child’s well-being informs everything we do:

  • We use solid beechwood for our cribs. One of the world’s most highly-regarded hardwoods, beechwood has properties similar to oak or hard maple, including a stability and structural integrity that make it highly resistant to fluctuations in temperature or humidity. The weight of the solid beechwood also helps prevent tip-overs. The cheaper cribs on the market are typically built of plywood or composites, which can splinter, warp or degrade over time.
  • We also use solid hardwoods for any exposed parts in our dressers and other children’s furniture. Our dresser kits come with a wall-anchoring kit for added protection and the dressers use high-quality, soft-closing German drawer hardware, which extends the life of the drawers and helps avoid pinched fingers. In independent tests, the closing mechanisms lasted for nearly 80,000 uses…about 70 years!
  • All of the joinery in our furniture is done with English dovetails, instead of nails, screws or metal/plastic connectors. Revered among professional woodworkers for their structural integrity, dovetails are also one of the most attractive ways to hold wood together. The dovetail joints use only child-safe glues, unlike many mass-produced items, which can contain harmful toxins.
  • We use solid wood corner blocks to enhance the structural integrity of all our furniture, so there are no don’t have metal braces or other sharp objects that can cause injury
  • We use only water-based or vegetable-based finishes, rather than products that contain lead, formaldehyde, phthalates, or other “volatile organic compounds” (VOCs), so that your child won’t be at risk if they chew on the furniture
  • We believe that building and marketing a safe, high-quality product is more important than cheap labor costs, so we have all our furniture crafted in Europe by skilled artisans who share our design and production values
  • We use the guidelines established by the CPSC as our bible, and regularly seek approval of and comment on new designs and products from independent testing facilities

Silva Furniture—An Investment in Your Child

Most of us have to keep a close watch on our expense. But money spent on your child is more than an expense, it’s an investment:

  • It’s an investment in their health and safety
  • It can also be a sound financial investment— With a 4-in-1 crib from Silva, you’ll only make one purchase, which will last from infancy until your child graduates from high school. You won’t need to buy a new bed every few years, as your child outgrows the one they have or as the bed wears out.


At Silva Furniture, we make cribs, beds, dressers and other children’s furniture that give top priority to the safety and well-being of your child, while simultaneously offering long-term value and aesthetic appeal. To learn more about our wide selection of children’s furniture, call us today at 980-585-1460 or send us a message through our convenient contact form. We ship our furniture to families in Colorado Springs, across the state of Colorado.

Silva Furniture is designed with 3 key ingredients: Safety | Health | Durability

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