Silva Furniture—Maximum Safety and Health with Real Value and Convenience

As parents, when we are buying a crib, a dresser or other furniture for our children, our first priority is safety. But we want durability and value as well. Children grow quickly—replacing a crib with a toddler bed with a big-person bed can be expensive.

At Silva Furniture, we are committed to providing parents in Jacksonville with well-built and carefully conceived products that minimize the risk of injury, while offering outstanding value, durability and adaptability. Our adaptable designs allow you to use the same bed from infancy until your child leaves home for college! We construct our children’s furniture entirely out of hardwoods, with entirely non-toxic finishes and materials. Our designs also avoid the use of small objects or parts that a child may swallow.  

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Silva Furniture—Built with the Health and Safety of Your Child in Mind

At Silva, we are a family owned and operated manufacturer of cribs, beds and dressers, with our third generation now involved in day-to-day operations. From the time we opened our business, we’ve consistently emphasized safety, long-term value and convenience, constantly striving to ensure that we use only the best materials, and that our product design and manufacturing place a premium on child health and safety.

We regularly test our new products and designs at authorized Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) labs in the United States. We also conduct routine random quality and safety inspections at our factory in Europe, ensuring that all cribs, beds and dressers comply with stringent safety and health requirements.

Keep Your Young Ones Safe and Healthy with Silva’s European-Made Furniture

At Silva Furniture, we carefully craft all our beds and cribs from 100% beechwood, one of the world’s densest and finest hardwoods, known for its weight and structural integrity, as well as its adaptability to changes in temperature and humidity. Unlike lightweight cribs made from cheaper woods or composites, our beechwood cribs won’t tip over or deteriorate over time. The solid beechwood construction, known for its superior furniture properties and environmental tolerances, can provide a safe experience for generations.

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We also understand that any substance in a crib poses a potential health risk to infants, toddlers and small children, including the finish on your furniture. We use only organic vegetable or water-based finishes, rather than polyurethane or similar treatments. All exposed wood is 100% non-toxic and fully safe, with no lead, phthalates, formaldehyde or other volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that can be harmful to your family. Our designs strictly comply with Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recommendations, including the number and spacing of slats, eliminating the risk of your infant falling out or your toddler getting his or her head stuck between the slats. Our cribs also have no sharp edges or exposed hardware that could cause injury to your child.

Safe and Durable Dressers for Parents in Jacksonville

Silva’s baby and kids dressers have all structural and tension-bearing components crafted from hardwood as well, with a finish on all sides to maximize protection from environmental changes in humidity or temperature. Our dressers include hardware features that make certain the drawers don’t accidentally detach when children pull on them. There are also wall-anchored anti-tipping kits included with every dresser. To ensure the longevity of your Silva dresser, we use German engineered hydraulic soft-closing drawer mechanisms, with an estimated lifespan of 70 years, or 80,000 cycles, as warranted by the manufacturer.

Long-Term Value from Solid Construction and Convertibility

Because we use only the finest materials, our cribs retain their structural integrity for decades. Designed to adapt to your child as he or she grows, the cribs adjust to three different heights as your child grows—the highest setting for infancy, the middle setting to accommodate your child’s growth, and the lowest setting when your child is ready for the big kid bed. Because of the adaptability of a crib/bed from Silva, you don’t have to spend money every time your child outgrows a bed, saving you a lot of money in the long run!

Peace of Mind is Priceless

Every child deserves the best—a crib or a dresser from Silva, where the safety and health of your child are our top priority. To learn more about the value and convenience you’ll enjoy with Silva furniture give us a call at 980-585-1460. We ship our furniture throughout the state of Florida, including Jacksonville, and throughout the United States.

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