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As a parent, your utmost concern when it comes to your children is safety. You need to know that the things you provide for them have been carefully designed and constructed to minimize the risk of injury to your child.

At Silva Furniture, we understand—we are parents, too. Since we went into business, almost 30 years ago, we have always made the safety and health of the children who use our furniture our top priority. We also recognize, though, that children grow fast—purchasing new furniture every time your child reaches a new stage of development can get expensive. Our innovative designs, along with our high-quality construction, offer parents solutions that can meet the needs of children from infancy to graduation, all with a simple and attractive elegance.

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Children’s Furniture for Families in the Kansas City Metropolitan Area

At Silva, your child’s safety informs everything we do:

  • Our beds, cribs, dressers and other furniture are all made exclusively in Europe, with materials obtained only from sustainable sources. We require that our wood vendors comply with all provisions of the European Treaty for Forest Conservation, and with the standards set forth by the Forest Stewardship Council. We also source all our hardware, finishes and other materials from vendors on the European continent.
  • We make our cribs and beds out of solid beechwood, a prized Northern hemisphere hardwood, revered for its combination of workability, hardness and durability (similar to that of oak or maple). Beechwood has highly desirable finishing and mechanical properties, as well as a weight and density that make it nearly impossible to tip the furniture over.
  • The exposed parts in our dressers and other furniture are also made from solid hardwoods, tempering the potential effect of changes in humidity or temperatures. All dressers come with a wall-anchoring kit, and employ cutting-edge, soft-closing German hardware, reducing the risk of pinched fingers and adding longevity. Independent tests consistently find the hardware good for approximately 80,000 uses…about 70 years!
  • The dressers use English dovetails to join the sides, back and front. Dovetails are considered to be among the strongest methods of wood joinery, and offer unmatched elegance and beauty.
  • All corner brackets on our furniture are constructed of solid wood, enhancing strength and durability while reducing the risk of injury
  • We use only vegetable or water-based finishes on our furniture, so there’s never a risk of exposing your child to any volatile organic compounds (VOCs), such as lead, formaldehyde, phthalates or other known toxins

At Silva, we have a comprehensive understanding of the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s (CPSC) safety guidelines for children’s furniture, and incorporate them into all aspects of our design and construction. For example, we have designed and made the slats on all our cribs in strict compliance with CPSC mandates, minimizing the risk that a child will get caught or fall between them. We have also paid close attention to our furniture to ensure that there are no small parts or sharp edges that can pose a danger to a small child. We regularly take new designs and products to CPSC-approved testing facilities for inspection and review, and conduct periodic safety audits at our production facility in Europe.

Silva Furniture—Designing and Building Safe, Attractive and Durable Children’s Furniture for a lifetime

At Silva, we have been family-owned and operated since we first opened our doors nearly 30 years ago. We are thrilled to have our third generation now actively involved in the day-to-day operations of our business, working hard to provide safe, healthy, cost-effective and attractive children’s furniture options to parents in Kansas City, throughout Missouri and Kansas, and across the country.

Our 4-in-1 Beds Offer Safety and Durability from the Cradle to College

Kids grow up fast. Replacing a crib with a toddler bed, and then replacing that toddler bed with a “big kid” bed can be expensive. What if you could use the same bed from the time your child was born until high school graduation or beyond? With the Silva 4-in-1 bed, you can:

  • On the High setting, it’s a traditional crib, offering comfort and protection for your child, as well as ease of access
  • The Middle setting turns the 4-in-1 to a toddler bed, allowing your child a little more independence, but still ensuring their safety
  • The Low setting will become your child’s first “big-kid” bed. It’s big enough that it can accommodate most kids through high school and into college.

The obvious benefit of a 4-in-1 convertible crib/bed—you’ll never have to buy another bed for your child—simply adjust the setting as they grow. Because of our quality construction and attention to detail, you can be confident that your Silva 4-in-1 bed will have the durability to last throughout childhood.  

An Investment, Not an Expense

At Silva Furniture, our cribs, beds, dressers and other children’s furniture offer all the things you value as a parent—safety, health, durability and value. We know that raising a child, is a financial effort for most parents but we had learnt (the hard way) that buying smart, saves time and money. In Europe they say " We are too poor, to buy cheap stuff", just think about it....

To learn more about our wide selection of children’s furniture, call us today at 980-585-1460 or contact us through our convenient contact form. We ship our furniture to locations throughout Missouri and Kansas, including Kansas City, and throughout the United States.

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