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You’ve just learned that you’re expecting your first child. There’s no feeling quite like the mixture of excitement and trepidation that you feel that first time. More than anything, you want to do whatever you can to protect your child, to make certain you don’t unintentionally expose them to unnecessary harm. Not to worry—you’ll soon discover plenty of people ready and willing to tell you exactly what you need to do. Look for links to lists of the “Top 5,” “Top 10,” or “Top 17” things you need to look for (or avoid) when shopping for a crib. When you look below the surface, though, you’ll quickly discover that many of the so-called “experts” are self-appointed, and that they’re really just product peddlers trying to sell you something. Many of them will assure you that you can keep your child safe in a crib that costs less than an oil change. Does that make sense to you?

  • Spaces between the side of the crib and the mattress, posing a risk of suffocation
  • Loose or incorrectly spaced spindles where a child can get stuck or fall out of the crib
  • Paint and finishes that chip and can be ingested by a child
  • Toxic chemicals in the paint or finish that pose a health risk
  • Poor mattress support that can cause a mattress to fall down

Because of the unnecessary risks posed by many cribs on the market, the Consumer Product Safety Commission issued a whole new set of safety guidelines for cribs in 2011, encouraging parents to avoid buying cribs that failed to meet the new standards.

The market, however, is full of mass-produced cribs from companies that ignore or disregard those safety recommendations. For them, the risk a crib poses to your child is simply a cost of doing business. As long as they get your money, they’re not too concerned about your child’s well-being.

At Silva Furniture, that’s not the way we do business and it’s not the way we view children. We are parents, too, and we are looking to make a purchase for our children, our first concern is fore their safety—we believe it’s yours, as well. We acknowledge the importance of getting value for our dollar, and we like attractive furniture—we’ve consciously designed our furniture to for durability and appearance. But we’ll gladly sacrifice those features to promote a child’s safety.

While we carefully craft long-lasting children’s furniture with timeless design, we always place a premium on your child’s health and well-being. To that end, we use only the highest quality materials, and strictly adhere to CPSC guidelines to provide safe, solid and cost-effective furniture for you and your child.

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Silva Furniture—Your Child’s Safety is Our Top Priority

At Silva Furniture, our first concern is always the potential safety of our products. For that reason,

  • We us solid beechwood to construct all of our cribs. One of the world’s most prized hardwoods, beechwood offers stability and density that are less susceptible to fluctuations in temperature or humidity, minimizing the risk that the furniture will be affected by changes in the weather. Similar to oak or hard maple, beechwood also brings a heft and weight that helps keep the crib from tipping over. Most mass-produced cribs, on the other hand, are made with composites or plywood, which typically break down over time, posing significant safety concerns.
  • The edges in all our cribs and dressers are held together with English dovetails, long considered the strongest and one of the most attractive forms of wood joinery. In addition, we use only child-safe glue to hold our furniture together. Mass-produced cribs usually have nails, screws and other small plastic or metal connectors that fall off and pose safety risks to a child.
  • We do not use nails, screws or other sharp objects to hold the corners of our furniture together, either, opting instead for solid wooden corner blocks glued in place
  • We use water-based or vegetable-based finishes on all our furniture, so your child won’t be harmed by chewing on a slat or rail. Cheap children’s furniture frequently uses finishes containing lead, formaldehyde or phthalates, or other “volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
  • At Silva, our design and construction of children’s furniture is informed by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) guidelines. We regularly bring designs and products to independent testing facilities for review and comment.
  • We also use solid hardwood for the exposed parts of dressers and other children’s furniture. Every dresser comes with a wall-anchoring kit, and the dresser drawers have high-quality, soft-closing German drawer hardware, preventing pinched fingers, and extending the life and functionality of the drawers. In independent tests, the closing mechanisms had nearly 80,000 uses… almost 70 years!
  • All of our children’s furniture made in Europe, by skilled craftsmen and craftswomen who share our values. We don’t decide where to build our furniture based on where we can find the cheapest labor.

We are also committed to being good stewards of the Earth and to leaving the world a better place for our children. For that reason, we purchase all of our wood from sustainable sources compliant with FSC, and obtain our hardware and finishes in Europe as well. Silva Furniture—Everything You’re Looking for in Children’s Furniture.

An Investment, not just an expense

Look, we know that having a child is a significant financial effort for most parents. But we also know that making smart decisions, will save a lot of money and stress. In Europe they say "We're too poor to buy cheap stuff", think about it....

To learn more about our wide selection of children’s furniture, call us today at 980-585-1460 or send us a message through our convenient contact form. We ship our furniture to locations across the United States, including New Haven and across the state of Connecticut.

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