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Silva Furniture—European-Made—Available to Parents in St. Louis

We also understand, though, that children grow quickly and buying new furniture every few years can become expensive. In our design and in our construction, we’ve also looked carefully at ways that we can craft furniture with the durability and adaptability to maximize long-term value to parents. And we haven’t forgotten that furniture should be attractive, as well as functional.

Safe and Healthy Children’s Furniture for Families in St. Louis

At Silva, everything we do is geared toward ensuring the safety of the children who use our products:

  • We use solid beechwood, a prized Northern hemisphere hardwood, for all our cribs and beds. Beechwood offers virtually unmatched workability, finishing and mechanical properties with the hardness and durability of oak or maple. Beechwood also provides a weight and density that make our furniture nearly impossible to tip over.
  • All exposed parts of our dressers and other furniture are also made from solid hardwood, minimizing the potential effect of changes in temperature or humidity. Every dresser includes a wall-anchoring kit, and employs state-of-the-art soft-closing German hardware, minimizing the risk of pinched fingers. The hardware also has an amazing life expectancy, with independent tests showing approximately 80,000 uses…about 70 years!
  • We use English dovetails to keep our dresser drawers together, offering both elegance and beauty, as well as one of the strongest wood joints available
  • The solid wood corner brackets on all our furniture ensure strength and durability with minimal risk of injury
  • The vegetable or water-based finishes used on our furniture contain no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), such as lead, formaldehyde, phthalates or other known toxins

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At Silva, we design and craft all our children’s furniture in strict compliance with the safety guidelines set by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). The slats on all our cribs, for example, have been designed to minimize the likelihood that a child will fall through or get stuck between them. We also know that sharp edges and small parts can pose unnecessary dangers to small children and have worked hard to do away with them. To ensure compliance with CPSC standards, we submit new products and designs to approved testing facilities for inspection and review. We also audit our production practices in Europe on a regular basis, so that we have assurances we are meeting safety and health regulations.


Silva Furniture—Family founded and operated for all St. Louis families

At Silva, we have provided parents with safe, affordable and attractive children’s furniture options for nearly 30 years. Family-owned and operated, we now have our third generation actively involved in the day-to-day operations of the business.

The Silva 4-in-1 Cribs and Beds—From the Cradle to College

  • On the High setting, it works just like a traditional crib, providing all the comfort and protection for your child, as well as ease of access for you
  • When your child gets a little older, the Middle setting allows your child a little more independence with the safety of a toddler bed
  • The lowest setting provides your child with his or her first “big-kid” bed, but can also accommodate them until they leave home for college

With a 4-in-1 convertible crib/bed, you’ll only need to purchase one place for your child to sleep—just adjust the setting as they grow older. With the attention to detail and quality that you get from Silva, you can also expect your child’s bed to last through high school.  

An Investment, not an expense

At Silva Furniture, we make cribs, beds, dressers and other children’s furniture that promotes the safety and well-being of your child while offering long-term value. We know that raising a child is a financial effort for most parents and we want to help. Choosing the right furniture, saves money and time and hassle over the long run. Instead of buying pre-k furniture and then teen stuff, invest in good quality and having for all those 18 summers they spend with you before college. To learn more about our wide selection of children’s furniture, call us today at 980-585-1460 or send us a message through our convenient contact form. We ship our furniture to locations throughout Missouri, including St. Louis, and throughout the United States.

Jackson 4 in 1 Convertible Crib in Flint
Serena Crib in White finish
Serena White Nursery

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