Silva Furniture—Cribs, Beds and Dressers that Combine Safety with Value and Convenience

As parents, our first consideration, when buying anything for our children, is safety. We don’t want to expose a little one to potential injury or toxic substances. With a crib, bed or dresser, we want to know that the furniture is solidly built, so that it won’t fall apart or tip over. We also want to make sure that there are no small parts that a child might swallow. and that materials and finishes don’t contain any toxins.

At Silva Furniture, we design and manufacture children’s furniture that gives priority to the safety and health of children. We also understand, though, that children grow up fast, and that parents also want durability and value when purchasing children’s furniture. Our commitment to solid hardwood construction, combined with the flexibility provided by our unique designs, offers the safety, health and value you seek.

Silva—We Build Children’s Furniture with a Focus on Safety and Well-Being

At Silva Furniture, we offer safe, healthy and affordable children’s furniture options to parents in the District of Columbia and throughout the nation. We offer all the things that are important to parents in Washington, DC when purchasing children’s furniture:

  • European craftsmanship
  • Hardwood construction to maximize safety
  • Entirely non-toxic materials to ensure your child’s health and well-being
  • Well-conceived designs can grow with your children, providing value for decades

We are a third-generation business, family-owned and operated since 1993. From our inception, we’ve made safety, long-term value and convenience our top priorities, constructing our furniture from the highest quality materials, and designing and manufacturing our furniture with an emphasis on child health and safety.

As a part of our ongoing commitment to ensure compliance with safety and health standards, we customarily take new products and designs to authorized CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) labs in the United States for inspection and review. We also visit our factory on a regular basis, conducting random quality and safety inspections, evaluating manufacturing practices and confirming that all cribs, beds and dressers meet stringent safety and health requirements.

Keep Your Children Safe and Healthy with Our European-Made Furniture

All cribs and beds at Silva are built entirely out of beechwood, a prized hardwood known for its structural integrity and stability. One of the world’s densest hardwoods, beechwood has properties that make it ideal for high-quality children’s furniture. It’s relatively unaffected by changes in humidity or temperature, meaning it’s less likely to split, crack or deteriorate. It’s also heavier than most other woods, so it’s extremely difficult to tip over.

Silva Furniture—Available in Families in the Washington, DC Area

Our furniture is designed and manufactured in strict compliance with CPSC guidelines, including the number and spacing of slats in a crib or toddler bed, as well as the presence of sharp edges or exposed hardware that may pose a risk of injury. Furthermore, all finishes on our furniture are either vegetable or water-based, so they are completely non-toxic and free of lead, phthalates, formaldehyde and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that could pose dangers to your family.

Safe and Durable Dressers and Children’s Furniture Available in Washington, DC

We build all structural and tension/load-bearing parts of our children’s dressers from hardwood, and apply a non-toxic finish to all sides, including the inside and the bottoms of drawers, ensuring that the wood is protected from changes in humidity or temperature. Our dressers come with wall-mounted anti-tipping kits, and use hardware that prevents a child from detaching the drawer from the dresser. We also use German-engineered hydraulic soft-closing drawer mechanisms with an estimated live expectancy of more than 70 years, or 80,000 cycles, as warranted by the manufacturer.

Solid Construction and Smart Design means Long-Term Value

Children grow fast—if you have to purchase a new bed every time they outgrow an old one, you can easily spend thousands of dollars. Our commitment to high-quality hardwoods ensures the long-term structural integrity of your Silva furniture, but our unique design also allows you to convert your crib/bed to meet your child’s needs:

  • the High setting functions like a crib, making it most useful during the infant stage
  • the Middle setting adds convenience as your child reaches the toddler stage
  • the Low setting is a perfect transition toward a big-kid bed

Peace of Mind is Priceless

Look, we know that raising a child is a significant financial effort for most of us, but we also know that making smart decisions saves money and time. In Europe, they say "we're too poor to buy cheap stuff" just think about it...

 With the high-quality furniture from Silva, you can ensure the safety and health of your child while maximizing your value. To learn more, call 980-585-1460 today or use our contact form


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