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What You Need to Know to Keep Your Children Safe

You just got the news—you’re going to be a parent. Get ready for lots of joy and excitement, lots of hard work, and lots of advice! It seems that just about everyone knows exactly what you need to do, whether it’s nursing your child, dealing with teething, or buying a crib. They’ll send you a link to their list of the “Top 3,” “Top 10,” or “Top 25 Things You Need to Consider When Buying Children’s Furniture.” When you scratch the surface, though, you’ll quickly discover that most of the “experts” have a personal stake in selling you their crib or dresser. They’ll assure you that you can spend less the cost of three Frappucinos to get a crib that will ensure your infant’s safety. 

Here’s the unvarnished truth. In the last 15 years alone, more than 1.3 million cribs have been subject to recall because of safety issues. In 2011, the Consumer Product Safety Commission had to formulate new safety guidelines for cribs, advising parents to make certain that any cribs built before that date met the new standards. 

Sadly, many companies mass-producing cribs pay little or no attention to the safety recommendations, often viewing injuries to your child as just a cost of doing business. In the final analysis, they are simply more interested in your money than in the safety of your little one. 

At Silva Furniture, we have always taken a different approach. We are parents, too, and we understand that, when you’re making decisions about purchases for your child, there’s nothing more important than their safety. You want value for your dollar, and you want furniture that’s visually appealing, but you’ll sacrifice those features to keep your child safe.

At Silva, we craft children’s furniture that brings long term value, and that offers timeless design, but the driving force behind everything we do is your child’s health and well-being. We use only the highest quality materials, and strictly adhere to CPSC guidelines to provide safe, durable and cost-effective furniture options for youngsters.

To learn more about our cribs, dressers and other children’s furniture, or to place an order, complete and submit the convenient contact form below or call us at 980-585-1460. We ship to parents in Rochester, across New York, and around the United States. 

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Silva Furniture—An Unwavering Commitment to Your Child’s Safety

At Silva Furniture, we pay attention to every detail, making certain that we give ultimate priority to the safety and well-being of children:

  • All of our cribs are crafted from solid beechwood, one of the world’s most treasured hardwoods. Similar to oak or maple, it has a stability and density that is virtually unaffected by fluctuations in temperature or humidity, ensuring that the furniture won’t expand or contract with changes in the weather. The inexpensive cribs use composites or plywood, which can break down or warp and pose safety concerns. The weight of the beechwood also makes if next to impossible to tip over.
  • At Silva, quality construction and materials are key component of safety. All of our children’s furniture is made in Europe, by skilled craftsmen and craftswomen who share our values. Most cheap children’s furniture is mass-produced wherever manufacturers can find the cheapest labor. 
  • We use English dovetails in the joinery in all our cribs and dressers. In addition to providing a joint that is both strong and aesthetically pleasing, these dovetails use only child-safe glue to hold them together. Bargain basement children’s furniture customarily has screws, nails and other fixtures that often break down or fall out, leaving small objects that your child may swallow.
  • We use solid wood corner brackets in all our children’s furniture, avoiding any sharp edges and small, detachable parts that can lead to injury 
  • We expect that your child will use the crib or dresser as a teething ring, so we only use water-based or vegetable-based finishes on our furniture. Mass-produced children’s furniture frequently uses finishes containing “volatile organic compounds (VOCs),” such as lead, formaldehyde or phthalates, or other hard-to-spell chemicals. Not surprisingly, cribs with those finishes have been the subject of a number of product recalls.
  • At Silva, all our furniture is designed and crafted to comply with the standards established by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). To ensure we are meeting the guidelines, we regularly take designs and products to independent testing facilities for review and comment. 
  • We also use solid hardwood in any exposed parts of our dressers and other furniture. All dressers include a wall-anchoring kit with every dresser to keep them from tipping over. We also use high-quality, soft-closing German drawer hardware, which minimizes the  risk of pinched fingers, and adds to the life of the drawers. In independent testing, these closing mechanisms have been found to have about 80,000 uses…nearly 70 years!

We also believe that we are stewards of the planet, committed to leaving a better world for our children. We source all of our wood from sustainable sources compliant with FSC, and obtain our hardware and finishes in Europe as well. 

Silva Furniture—It’s an Investment in Your Child

It costs a lot of money to raise a child—we know that—we’ve been there. But it’s a form of investment, where the returns are well worth the cost. 

That’s the way we view your child’s furniture as well and that’s why we designed our 4-in-1 cribs. Instead of purchasing a new bed every time your child outgrows the current one, you can purchase one bed that will last from the day you come home from the hospital until your child leaves for college. That’s one heck of a return on your 18-year investment!

Silva Furniture—Safety, Durability and Style

At Silva Furniture, we make cribs, beds, dressers and other children’s furniture that give top priority to the safety and well-being of your child, while simultaneously offering long-term value and aesthetic appeal. To learn more about our wide selection of children’s furniture, call us today at 980-585-1460 or send us a message through our convenient contact form. We ship our furniture to locations throughout across the United States, including Rochester.

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