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Simple is Sophisticated

Simple is Sophisticated


Lindsay's Serena nursery exudes sophistication in the comfortable and simple fashion that never gets out of style. Serena Collection in white finish complemented by bright and warm decor elements, shades of beige and discreet colors and flowers and texture. The crib ached headboard is perfect for accentuating the girly classic feel and goes perfectly against the beautiful floral wallpaper. Great selection of decor elements as well, on trend and in style, the acrylic lamp base or the monochrome pattern rug adding texture and depth. A surprisingly rich design without utilizing tons of colors, a refreshingly pleasant harmony. 

Explore texture and materials

Add substance to your design without overdoing it: use different materials or textures within the same color and style range, add an acrylic lamp base, a geometrical area rug, mix and match shapes and shades but stay within the same design and color pattern. You'll end up with a fabulous room. 


Design is most important for it enchants your eyes and soul but functionality is important too. Placing the dresser on the adjacent wall to the crib is very useful if you have a large room. Saves time, effort and makes it easy for you to change the baby, grab stuff from the drawers etc. 

Serena Convertible CribAdjustable Changing TraySerena Double Dresser

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