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Three Steps to Establishing a Bedtime Routine with a New Baby

Three Steps to Establishing a Bedtime Routine with a New Baby

Congratulations! You’ve just welcomed a tiny, adorable bundle of joy into your life—who also happens to be a nocturnal creature that thrives on keeping you awake.

Cute baby boy in wooden crib

Sleep is the ultimate HolyGrail that all parents are constantly in search of. Right up there on the pedestal with good health and nutrition, sleep is the most sought after commodity! Routine is sleep’s favorite cousin, and when paired well together they guarantee everyone’s happiness (and sanity).

We're here to supply to perfect crib for restful sleep and also to guide you through the maze of bedtime chaos. Together we will establish a routine that will have both you and your little ones dreaming of unicorns and rainbows in no time.

Step 1.

Pre-Bedtime Prep – The Warm-up Stretch

Before diving headfirst into the bedtime routine madness, it's essential to set the stage for success. Start by dimming the lights, cueing up some soothing lullabies, and donning your superhero cape (because, let's face it, parenting requires superpowers). Make sure you have all the supplies you need within arms reach, such as their favorite book, the smelly hippo they snuggle with and that water bottle they will ask for three more times before they fall asleep. 

Cute baby inside a stylish crib

Step 2.

Expect the Unexpected - With The Finish Line In Sight

With the stories read and the yawns outnumbering the stars, it's time for the final showdown: taming the bedtime monsters. From fears of under-the-bed creatures to sudden urges to recount the day's adventures, expect the unexpected and embrace the chaos. After all, bedtime shenanigans make for excellent (and embarrassing) storytelling material when their prom date comes to pick them up.

Step 3.

The Final Stretch - And Your Trophy.

As the clock strikes bedtime o'clock it is time to embrace the sweet embrace of slumber. So head down to the kitchen and reach for your trophy in the shape of a Netlix remote control or a glass of Cab. But beware, parents—for even in the stillness of the night, the occasional midnight rendezvous with a thirsty toddler who lost a sock may still await you!

Cute baby boy in nature themed nursery

Remember, dear parents, you're not just establishing a routine—you're creating memories that will last a lifetime.  So here's to restful nights, sweet dreams in Silva Furniture cribs, and the endless adventure of parenthood.

Ready to make memories of sleep and safe sleep? Shop for your nursery furniture today with Silva Furniture.

To learn more about our wide selection of children’s furniture, call us today at 980-585-1460 or contact us through our convenient contact form.

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